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The story of Fred

I'm a frontend developer who, since 2008, has been working on building websites and web applications. I'm originally from Heerlen, The Netherlands. In my spare time I'm always in for an adventure. Here is a short overview of my life:

1985 Born.

1997 First big adventure. Left Europe for a family holiday to the USA.

2000 Fell in love with software development during IT classes at high school.

2004 Started to study Computer Science at Zuyd University.

2007 Started taking salsa lessons.

2008 Wrote a final thesis in South Africa. Graduated. Started first IT job in Heerlen.

2009 Obtained MCPD title in India. Finished the New York Marathon.

2010 Built an igloo on the North Pole. Celebrated carnival in Brasil. Skydived. Traveled Central- and South-America.

2011 Became a tiger caretaker. Joined Mensa. Became a monk.

2012 Traveled South East Asia.

2013 Started second IT job. Founded own company Toleria. Won the World of Difference competition.

2014 Started the World of Difference project in Kenia. Traveled East Africa.

2015 Started working at Ivengi. Saw the 7th and last world wonder.

2016 Finished the Iron Man in Maastricht.

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